Company Profile

New Kidd was founded in 1979 in Hong Kong and is an internationally renowned small home appliance OEM manufacturer. After more than 30 years of hard work and development, it has become a professional production base integrating product development, production and marketing.
With its excellent product quality and good business reputation, New Kidd products are sold in 28 countries including Europe, the United States and Japan, and provide OEM products for global brands such as SANYO, PHILIPS, Hitachi, and Electrolux. .
Inherit 30 years of experience and achieve outstanding quality
Security Quality Focus
In 1997, Shandong New Kidd invested 80 million yuan to build a modern professional electric water heater production base, established the enamel standard and welding technology for water heaters, and became the earliest strength brand. New Kidd water heaters use the world's top 500 suppliers, the introduction of international high-quality raw materials and advanced equipment, from the beginning to establish the ISO9000 quality management system, to strictly implement the European DIN4753 manufacturing standards, manufacturing process excellence. In terms of market development, the company's products are exported to countries and regions in the world, and provide OEM products for famous brands at home and abroad. New Kidd determined to become the world's first-class hot water appliance supplier, will be the top starting point for production and sales of 100 million units, continue to lead the healthy development of the industry.